Books of Poetry

Consolation and Mirth

Canarium Books, 2015

"Ish Klein’s third collection, CONSOLATION AND MIRTH, has at its center a book-within-the-book, a series of short riddles which take as their inspiration a 10th-Century codex of Anglo-Saxon poetry. In these riddles and the brilliant, far-ranging poems that surround them, Klein continues her exploration of the rough and beautiful seas of being alive, because, as she writes, 'a human has a right to try her human feeling / then take the ship that’s left and steer it through its reeling.' "-

Moving Day

Canarium Books, 2011

  Ish Klein, Moving Day (Canarium Books)

"Actors, friends, family and “screens” add metaphor and structure to the percolating vernacular. By turns charming, disarming and disembodied, Klein transports us in an affected, hypnotic, fairy-tale confessor mode. Her audience and cast of characters ride a Mobius strip, trading places seamlessly."  -Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, The Brooklyn Rail.  



Canarium Books, 2009

" Paired with the quirky subject of the poem, these disharmonies prove erudite, playful, and in their obvious wrongness, distinctly right."  -Kristina Marie Darling,  Boston Review